We will no longer be publishing ‘The Harrier’ newsletter but this will be replaced with something new in Spring 2018 – watch this space!

August 2017 EMGP Round Up, LRRL Results, Club 10K Handicap.

June 2017 London Marathon, Livingston Relays, Results from Derby Runner XC, EMGP and LRRL.

April 2017 English National Cross Country, Awards Evening and LRRL results.

February 2017 Huncote Hash results, cross country results and Ultra results.

December 2016 bumper edition covering the news from October’s missing edition as well.

August 2016 some great results and fantastic improvements and a write up of Paul’s 100 marathons

June 2016 results, results and more results as the road season gets into full swing

April 2016 the amazing exploits of the Harriers Ultra Runners!

February 2016 cross country reports, Cyprus trip and more tremendous training tips

December 2015 lots of race reports, Grand Prix summary and lots more

October 2015 full of club news and some fantastic training tips

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June 2015

April 2015

February 2015

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Many thanks to Phil Watts for putting the newsletters together.