Our club awards are presented every year at the annual Presentation Evening. All awards are for the previous calendar year, with the exception of the Cross Country Champions (event takes place in January) and the Long Service Awards.

Here are our recent winners:

Lady Harrier of the Year
This award is voted for by all members of the club.

img_70981st Trudi Unwin
2nd Sue Gardner
3rd Tina Tosh
img_70981st Trudi Unwin
2nd Kate Parry
3rd Tina Tosh
ladyharrier20161st Kathryn Evans
2nd Wendy Thompson
3rd Katrina Wightman
Honourable mentions for Marie Wilford, Kate Parry & Helen Mercer


1st Wendy Thompson
2nd Marie Wilford
3rd Nicki Nealon
1st Wendy Thompson
2nd Trudi Unwin
3rd Sarah Pegg
1st Trudi Unwin
2nd Marie Wilford
3rd Karen Selby

Male Harrier of the Year
This award is voted for by all members of the club.

img_70941st Stephen Snow
2nd Jason Tomkins
3rd Ian Thompson



img_70941st Stephen Snow
2nd Jason Tomkins
3rd Ian Thompson
harrier20161st Gareth Chivers
2nd Jason Tomkins
3rd Ian Thompson
Honourable mentions for Stephen Snow, Mike McSharry & Phil Watts
1st Gareth Chivers
2nd Chris Unwin
3rd Andy Wilford
1st Ian Thompson
2nd Andy Wilford
3rd Phil Watts
1st Andy Wilford
2nd Phil Watts
3rd Andy Ledwith

Newcomer of the Year

img_7070Sophie Cook

img_7070Paula Jennings

newcomer2016Duncan Smith

Kathryn Evans

Gareth Chivers

Tom Harris

Chairman’s Award

chair2016Tony Lay
Jo Burnett
chair2016Stuart Hale
John (Ben) Benson & Wendy Thompson
Marie Wilford
Paul Nealon

Committee Award for Achievement

img_7072Neil Parry
img_7072Duncan Smith
committee2016Katrina Wightman
Scott Burgin
Mark Kendrick

Club Grand Prix Series Champions

img_70621st Rachel Trivett
2nd Nicki Nealon
3rd Trudi Unwin
4th Kathryn Evans
5th Helen Mercer
img_70621st Kathryn Evans
2nd Wendy Thompson
3rd Katrina Wightman
4th Anne Newbery
5th Clare Moore
1st Kathryn Evans
2nd Wendy Thompson
3rd Jo Ravenhill
4th Helen Mercer
5th Jenny Murphy
1st Wendy Thompson
2nd Julie West
3rd Sarah Pegg
4th Marie Wilford
5th Katherine Dean
1st Trudi Unwin
2nd Wendy Thompson
3rd Jo Clarke
4th Julie West
5th Clair Davis
1st Trudi Unwin
2nd Julie West
3rd Katherine Dean
4th Nicki Nealon
5th Jo Clarke
img_70651st Stephen Snow
2nd Duncan Smith
3rd Ian Thompson
4th Nick Strange
5th Aaron Cox
img_70651st Stephen Snow
2nd Nick Strange
3rd Ian Thompson
4th Jonathan Oxbrough
5th Barry Hibberd
1st Stephen Snow
2nd Barry Hibberd
3rd Ian Thompson
4th Duncan Foley
5th Chris Unwin
1st Mark Kendrick
2nd Nick Strange
3rd Ian Thompson
4th Andy Wilford
5th Chris Unwin
1st Andy Ball
2nd Nick Strange
3rd Mark Kendrick
4th Graeme Slight
5th Andy Wilford
1st Andy Ball
2nd James O’Dowd
3rd Rob Tate
4th Andy Wilford
5th Paul Nealon

Muddy Boots Challenge Champions

1st Trudi Unwin
2nd Kathryn Evans
3rd Wendy Thompson
4th Sue Gardner
5th Irene Forty

1st Nathan Adams
2nd= Stephen Snow & Jason Tomkins

4th Ian Thompson
5th Aaron Cox

Club Standards

Platinum: Nicki Nealon 

Gold: Sue Gardner, Hugh Potter, Barry Hibberd, Helen Mercer, Craig Free, Bev Parry

Silver: Kathryn Evans, Clare Surrell, Trudi Unwin, Rachel Trivett, Wendy Thompson, Tina Tosh, Kieran Flannery, Neil Parry, Duncan Smith, David Robinson

Bronze: Katrina Wightman, Paula Jennings, Leonard Symeonides, Mark Larratt, Tony Nicholls

Copper: Claire Edwards, Sophie Cook, Stuart Hale, Lorna Gurr, Kate Parry

Pewter: Lauren Flannery, Nicki Nicholls

Gold: Stephen Snow, Hugh Potter, Barry Hibberd, Helen Mercer

Silver: Kathryn Evans, Claire Surrell, Trudi Unwin, Claire Quigley, Rachel Trivett, Wendy Thompson, Tina Tosh, Sue Gardner, Kieran Flannery, Jason Tomkins, Ian Thompson, Will Ravenhill, James O’Dowd, Craig Freer, Mike McSharry

Bronze: Katrina Wightman, Claire Bryan, Claire Sceeny, Paula Jennings, Jo Ravenhill, Anne Newbery, Dave Robinson, Mark Larratt, Duncan Smith, Tony Nicholls

Copper: Claire Edwards, Carol Maguire

Pewter: Nicki Nicholls, Janet Richardson, Jo Goddard, Sue Tildesley

Platinum: Nicki Nealon

Gold: Sandra Ankers, Irene Forty, Barry Hibberd, Bev Parry, Graeme Slight, Andy Wilford

Silver: Gareth Chivers, Kathryn Evans, Ian Thompson, Jason Tomkins, Duncan Foley, Claire Quigley, Dave Griffiths, Wendy Thompson, Mike McSharry, James O’Dowd, Will Ravenhill, Stephen Snow, Tina Tosh

Bronze: Tracey Griffiths, Jenny Murphy, Jo Ravenhill, David Robinson, Claire Sceeney, Duncan Smith, Claire Surrell, Rachel Trivett, Trudi Unwin, Marie Wilford

Copper: Claire Bryan, Kate Parry, Katrina Wightman

Pewter: Claire Edwards

Platinum: Nicki Nealon

Gold: Sandra Ankers, Graeme Slight, Andy Wilford

Silver: Irene Forty, Mike McSharry, Bev Parry, Claire Quigley, Ian Thompson, Wendy Thompson, Jason Tomkins and Nick Vernon

Bronze: Helen Bennett, Gina Blagden, Kent Butcher, Neil Parry, Sarah Pegg, Dave Robinson, Tina Tosh, Rachel Trivett, and Jonathan Wells

Copper: Sarah Butcher, Stuart Hale, Marie Wilford

Platinum: Nicki Nealon

Gold: Andy Wilford, Andy Ball, Graeme Slight

Silver: Julie West, Nick Vernon, Jason Tomkins, Mark Kendrick, Trudi Unwin, James O’Dowd, Gareth Chivers

Bronze: Sarah Pegg, Jonathan Wells, Helen Bennett, Jen Kirk, Chris Unwin, Judy McSharry, David Robinson

Copper: Lesley Hale, Tina Tosh, Sarah Butcher, Stuart Hale, Kate Parry, Rachel Trivett

Platinum: Nicki Nealon

Gold: Andy Ball, Graeme Slight, Irene Forty, Mel Evans, Phil Watts, Marvin Ryan

Silver: Rob Tate, Claire Quigley, James O’Dowd, Karen Selby, Mike Percival, Andy Wilford

Bronze: Nick Vernon, Paul Nealon, Trudi Unwin, Wendy Thompson, Andrew Ledwith, Ian Thompson, Helen Bennett, Julie West, Leonard Symeonides, Tom Harris, Warren Bennett

Copper: Stuart Hale, Kent Butcher, Chris Unwin

Club Cross Country Champion

1st Trudi Unwin
2nd Sue Gardner
3rd Wendy Thompson
img_70371st Trudi Unwin
2nd Clare Moore
3rd Jenny Murphy
xcladies1st Kathryn Evans
2nd Katrina Wightman
3rd Claire Moore
1st Helen Talbot
2nd Julie Lamb
3rd Sarah Pegg
1st Nicki Nealon
2nd Sarah Pegg
3rd Claire Quigley
1st Nicki Nealon
2nd Mel Evans
3rd Julie Lamb

1st Tom Corby
2nd Nathan Adams
3rd Stephen Snow

1st Nathan Lawson
2nd Stephen Snow
3rd Nathan Adams
xc1st Jason Tomkins
2nd Gareth Chivers
3rd Warren Bennett
1st Gareth Chivers
2nd Chris Talbot
3rd Dave Egginton
1st Mark Kendrick
2nd Dave Egginton
3rd Mark Gregory
1st Carl Sommer
2nd Dave Egginton
3rd Euan West

Long Service Awards

img_706830 Years: Keith Chambers

20 Years: Barry Summers, Graeme Slight

10 Years: Trudi Unwin, Claire Quigley, Helen Mercer, Seema Lambert


img_706830 Years: Tony Lay, Graeme Slight

10 Years: Mick Walton, Hugh Potter, Paul Nicholson, Duncan Foley

30 Years: Irene Forty, Bernard Cherry, Nick Nealon

20 Years: Lesley Tansey

10 Years: Sandra Ankers, Sue Gardner, Andy Wooley, Jason Tomkins, Jo Burnett, Richard Thomas

30 Years: Gary Ashby

10 Years: Tom Corr, Barry Hibberd, Darren Newton, Andy Wilford, Marie Wilford

30 Years: Clive Alexander, Julie Frearson, John Heywood, Brian Macke

20 Years: Sue Clark

10 Years: Deb Hulbert, Bev Parry, Martin Slipp

30 Years: Trevor Longman, Phil Watts, Richard Singer, Jeff Wickham, Mark Wittering

20 Years: John O Sullivan, Lesley Cann, Mick Butler

10 Years: Paul Nealon, Andrea Brewin, Andy Ball, Kingsley Cook, Jo Copeland, Steve Copeland