London Marathon Club Ballot

The club receives an allocation of London Marathon places, based on the numbers of registered members. Due to the demand for these places we hold a ballot of club members and the following rules have been applied to establish who is eligible to enter this club ballot:

Eligibility Criteria for the 2020 London Marathon Ballot

  • You must be a fully paid up Member of Huncote Harriers AC for 2019-2020 at the time of the draw.
  • You must have joined the club before 1st November 2017.
  • You must be a Runner Member i.e. not a 2nd Claim or Non Runner (Social) Member.
  • You must have represented the club by competing in a minimum of four league races in 2019 – all races from the Leicester Road Running League (LRRL), North MIdlands Cross Country League, Derby Runner Cross Country League and East Midlands Grand Prix (EMGP) are included.
  • Members who received a Club place in the 2017 draw (for the 2018 London Marathon) & the 2018 draw (for the 2019 London Marathon) cannot enter the ballot this year.
  • You must have entered the public ballot (in May 2019) and been rejected – proof of your rejection in the public ballot must be provided by production of the London Marathon Commiserations letter/magazine or email.
  • If you are successful in this year’s draw, you will need to complete the online London Marathon entry form to confirm your place. The place is non-transferable to another person and can only be used by you.
  • At the time of the draw, at least one extra name will be drawn out as a ‘reserve’ to be used in the event that any of the first people out of the draw surrender their place before completing the online entry form as they know they will be unable to run. Once the original people drawn have completed the online entry form this ‘reserve’ place is no longer relevant.
  • If you are successful in this year’s draw, you will be excluded from the next two club London Marathon draws unless you are unable to take up a place and surrender it to to the ‘reserve’. Please note that completing the online entry form assumes you have taken up your place whether you eventually run the event or not. The ‘reserve’ will not be excluded from the next two draws unless they take end up taking a place surrendered by the original person drawn.

Entering the Club Ballot

Last year we received two places but the number for this year is yet to be confirmed.

If you think all of the above applies to you and you would like your name entered into the draw please let Andy Wilford know and have your public ballot rejection handy for verification.

A Social Evening will take place in October 2019 at the New Inn in Enderby to conduct the draw.