Grand Prix Series

The club Grand Prix series is an internal club competition which is designed to encourage members to take part in races and represent their club and also to reward good performance. There is a separate Grand Prix Series for the ladies and the men.

A series of races are selected each year and points are awarded based on where you finish in each race: The first Harrier across the finish line is awarded 50 points, the second Harrier gets 47 points, the third Harriers receives 45 points and then points decrease by 1 for each Harrier after that (fourth gets 44 points, fifth gets 43 points, sixth gets 42 points etc).

For the 2020 Grand Prix Series there are a total of 15 selected races plus your best parkrun time of the year. Out of these 16 results, your best 10 scores will count towards your final score. Your parkrun times should be picked up automatically at the end of each month (as long as you have Huncote Harriers attached to your parkrun profile).


The races for the 2020 series are:
   LRRL Stilton 7 – 23rd Feb
   LRRL Kibworth 6 – 8th March
   LRRL Desford 5 – 29th March
   LRRL Markfield 10K – 19th April
   LRRL Bosworth Half Marathon – 3rd May
   LRRL West End 8 – 17th May
   LRRL Swithland 6 – 7th June
   EMGP Harborough 5 – 16th June
   LRRL Prestwold 10K – 21st June
   Huncote Harriers Club 10K Handicap – Date TBC
   LRRL Carl Rutt 10K – 23rd August
   LRRL Rotherby 8 – 8th Sept
   Goose Fair Gallop 10K – 4th Oct
   Shepshed 7 – Date TBC
   Coventry 10K – 15th Nov
   plus your best parkrun – every Saturday


Click here to view the current Grand Prix Standings (Desktop Version)



Click here to view the current Grand Prix Standings (Mobile Version)


The series runs right up until the last parkrun of the year in December. In order to be eligible for any Grand Prix prizes you must be a fully paid up member of Huncote Harriers at the end of the year when all of the scores are finalised. 

The results of previous years’ Grand Prix Series are available to view here:

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Please note: the Joy Cann 5 and the Huncote Hash are not in the Grand Prix Series as our primary task and responsibility is to arrange and manage the Best Summer League and winter cross country races in the county!

Upcoming Grand Prix Series Races

There are no upcoming events.