Welfare Officer

The club is pleased to announce that Kate Parry is our new welfare officer.

Welfare covers a range of issues such as anti-bullying, equity, poor practice in coaching and disciplinary and grievances matters. Welfare is essential to contribute to good practice within the sport, develop performance and to ensure the safety and enjoyment of athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.

The role of the welfare officer is to support our running club members. If you have a sensitive issue which you wish to discuss with someone from the club you should contact the welfare officer. Any conversations will be treated in confidence and with discretion. The safety, mental health and well- being of all our members is extremely important and all issues will be listened to.

The welfare officer will make all reasonable efforts to contact members who have been absent from the club for a long period of time to offer assistance in their return if needed (if they have given permission for this contact to take place).

To arrange a chat please speak to me directly at the running club or by emailing kateparrysid@gmail.com