Club 24 Hour Relay – 19th & 20th August 2017

We held a 24 hour continuous relay to celebrate our 35th Anniversary, which started at midday on Saturday August 19th and continued through until midday on Sunday 20th August.

The venue for the relay was Market Bosworth Rugby Club in Cadeby and a 5 mile route was marked out that followed an off-road course through Bosworth Country Park to Sutton Cheney and then back into Bosworth via the gated road.

The event turned out to be a great success, with over 40 Harriers taking part at some point plus a number of their children running some smaller laps also. Many Harriers took the opportunity to camp at the venue and make a real weekend of it.

With at least two runners running at all times for the full 24 hours, rough calculations show that approximately 150 miles were covered during the event (and this doesn’t count multiple miles clocked up where several people ran together which would take the overall total nearer to 650 miles!) – some individual Harriers clocked up as many as 30 miles

Thank you to everyone that took part over the weekend (especially those hardy souls running through the small hours) and special thanks to everyone involved in arranging and organising the event.

A selection of photos from the event are shown below and the list of runners that took part can be found further down the page…

Who Completed the Relay?

Lap 1: Nick V & Kate

Lap 2: Paula, Neil, Tina & Jenny

Lap 3: Tina, Rachel & Gareth

Lap 4: The Harrier Kids

Lap 5: Rachel, Wendy & Colin

Lap 6: Gareth, Joe, Claire B (with daughter) & Dave

Lap 7: The Harrier Kids

Lap 8: Kate, Sam, Claire S & Jenny

Lap 9: Colin, Andy, Trudi & Chris

Lap 10: Kent, Jason, Gareth, Arron, Kieran & Chris

Lap 11: Sue, Marie, Wendy, Jan & Tony

Lap 12: Sam, Duncan, Neil & Dave

Lap 13: Nick V & James

Lap 14: Jason, Gareth & Mark

Lap 15: Claire S, Mark, Wendy & Marie

Lap 16: The Harrier Kids

Lap 17: Mark, Duncan, Andy, Stuart & Gareth

Lap 18: Mark, Jason & Kieran

Lap 19: Kate, Nick V, Rachel, Tony & Stephen

Lap 20: Stephen & Arron

Lap 21: Jason & Kieran

Lap 22: Jason & Neil

Lap 23: Arron & Stephen

Lap 24: Andy, Marie & Duncan

Lap 25: Andy, Marie, Wendy & Hugh

Lap 26: Claire S, Tony & Hugh

Lap 27: Rachel, Kate & James

Lap 28: The Harrier Kids

Lap 29: Neil, James, Mark & Nick V

Lap 30: The Harrier Kids

Lap 31: Claire B, Chris, Sarah, Drew, Jason, Mark, Stephen & Andy Ball

Lap 32: Claire S, Lesley, Dave, Chris, Stuart, Marie, Kate, Drew, Steve, Wendy, Claire B (with daughter), Tina, Trudi, Jo, Tina, Andy, Nicki & Rachel

Lap 33: Kieran, Nicki, Rachel, Arron, Stephen & Nick S