New Members

Welcome to the Club

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our newest members:

July 2017
Mark Heggs
Katie Lewis
Karen Cox
Oliver Fishwick
Sophie Fernandez
Emily Grundy
Beccie Carter
Jenny Richardson

June 2017
Tim Windram
Emma Bowley

May 2017
Paul Eadie
Kieran Flannery
Lauren Flannery
Geoff Williams
Christine Newton

April 2017
David Searle
Joanne Goddard
Anthony Nicholls
Nicola Nicholls

March 2017
Mark Deary

February 2017
Melissa Markham
Benjamin Frith
Elizabeth Hill
Sue Tildesley
Susannah Griffith
Samantha Page
Carol Maguire

January 2017
Zoe Pinfield
Paula Jennings

December 2016
Sarah Smith
Christopher Smith

November 2016
Becky Stephen
Sarah Hunt
Mark Larratt
Malcolm Oxley
Dominique Tyler

October 2016
Leanne Siddon
Arron Cox
Lucy Hodkinson
Carol Stafford
Craig Free
Andy Cowley
Glenn Mansell
Catherine Newton

Frequently Asked Questions

There is an excellent ‘Beginners Guide’ to the club where most of your queries are answered.
Hopefully, answers for everything else can be found from this page.

I’d like to come along for one of the beginner sessions.
All the details and contact information you need are on this dedicated page.
We’d love to see you!

How do I join Huncote Harriers?
All the details you need, including costs and membership forms are on this easy to follow page.

How do I enter events?
This depends.
Races where there is a club ‘representation’, typically league races and the North Mids and Derby Runner Cross Country leagues, are covered in detail on this page.
In addition, the club normally puts teams in to the Livingston Relays and the 100 Lap Challenge. For these events, there is a lead person from the club, generally one or both of the team captains, who co-ordinate all the entries.
For other events, you need to organise your own entry, generally via the event web site.

Where do I get club kit?
The club has one person responsible for organising club kit. Their details, along with kit costs, are on this page

What are club standards?
How can I claim them? How can I use them for training?
The club runs a series of awards each year, with standards to suit all abilities (and ages!).
The standards, for club and county, can be found via this page
You can use the standards to help focus your training, information on how to use the standards is in the “Helpful Information on this site” tab on this page.

Where do I find my results?
The results for all the events you have entered in the last few years are in an ‘App Sheet’ where you can select your own results and also check other results based on events and distances.

What if I’m not happy about something?
Unfortunately things don’t always go smoothly and you may find issues that you can’t easily get fixed.
If you have concerns or issues, please do get in touch with the club welfare officer.

I can’t find my England Athletics number, who can help me?
The EA number, often referred to as a URN, is on the England Athletics card you should have received shortly after joining the club.
For any queries, contact the membership secretary, whose details can be found on this page

What about Social Media?
The club has a closed Facebook group, to join the group please contact any member who is currently in the group.
There is also a FaceBook page at
There is a club Twitter account @HuncoteHarriers
See what (some of) the other runners in the club are up to