Club Standards

Information About Club Standards

The club standards are designed to give all members something to work towards, regardless of your ability level. They encourage members to compete over a number of different distances to vary their running.

Club Rules: to qualify for an award, you need to achieve the same standard time at 3 different distances in one calendar year. You can only qualify for the award of one standard level in any one year. Any properly measured and certified road race can count – you are not limited to championship counters or club supported races. The time achieved must equal or better the standard time. Your time should be taken from the official race results (chip times are acceptable).

Club Standard Tables

Standards for Men

Standards for Women

Claiming Your Club Standard

Please submit your results for the Club Standards to Marie Wilford via email at no later than Monday 20th February. Standards will be awarded to qualifying individuals at the Huncote Bash.

Club Standards Earned in 2016

Based on the performances recorded in the Results Database, the following standards have been achieved by our members. Please make sure you check your times carefully as any performances that are not recorded in the Results Database may result in you achieving a higher Standard than the one listed here.

Club Standard Results
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Nicki Nealon


Andy Wilford
Barry Hibberd
Bev Parry
Chris Talbot
Duncan Shorthose
Graeme Slight
Irene Forty
Kingsley Cook
Mark Wittering
Paul Featherstone


Brandon Gray
Claire Quigley
Duncan Foley
Gareth Chivers
Helen Mercer
Hugh Potter
Ian Thompson
James O’Dowd
Jason Tomkins
Jonathan Oxbrough
Karen Selby
Kathryn Evans
Martin Coley
Mike McSharry
Nathan Adams
Paul Nicholson
Robert Tate
Stephen Snow
Tina Tosh
Wendy Thompson
Will Ravenhill


Christian Gamble
Claire Sceeny
Clare Moore
Clare Surrell
David Robinson
Duncan Smith
Guy Stretton
Helen Bennett
Jenny Murphy
Joanna Ravenhill
Jonathan Wells
Katherine Dean
Keith Chambers
Kent Butcher
Leanne Siddon
Marie Wilford
Matt Lester
Mick Butler
Mike Percival
Neil Parry
Rachel Trivett
Tracey Griffiths
Trudi Unwin


Aimee Browne
Amy Cunningham
Chris Unwin
Clair Davis
Claire Bryan
David Griffiths
Graham Smith
Iain Longford
Jeff Wickham
John Hart
Kate Parry
Katrina Wightman
Leonard Symeonides
Nick Vernon
Paul Nealon
Sarah Butcher
Scott Burgin
Seema Patel
Stephen Walker
Stuart Hale
Sue Casteldine

Claire Edwards
Lance Rathbone
Sarah Lambert